Kill on the ups and thrill on the downs with the class-dominating weight and stiffness, mountain goat traction and insanely confident handling of the world’s best XC race machine. Welcome to XXC.

Key Features:

  • All Cannondale carbon frames come with BallisTec Carbon Technology, ensuring the high-strength, high-stiffness Carbon Construction.
  • When it comes to cornering precision and pinpoint control, Leftys simply stand alone. Their wild dual-crown, single leg design delivers burly stiffness that dual-legged forks just can’t match.
  • Cannondale created areas on the bicycles rear chainstays, seat stays, fork and/or seatpost that can deflect and absorb shock, while staying completely rigid laterally and torsionally. The enhanced vertical compliance provided by these combined features greatly improves comfort and performance.
  • Cannondale’s Engineers use highly sophisticated software that allows them to virtually create and test hundreds of different iterations of designs quickly and efficiently to determine the optimum configurations, improving areas otherwise overlooked by traditional design methods.